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Story Saver created by, is a convenient application that enables you to download any Instagram story to your device with complete anonymity. This iGram story saver is an ideal solution for individuals who want to save stories from Instagram. Whether you wish to repost, re-upload or simply save them for future viewing with your friends, this app allows you to add stories to your own media library without any restrictions. Enjoy the freedom to download and save as many Instagram stories as you desire!

How to download Story from Instagram?
Downloading an Instagram Story is a simple process that can be done in just three easy steps:

Instagram Story Saver

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Story Downloader

Our Instagram Story Saver download tool allows you to easily download stories online by simply entering the Instagram Story link that you wish to save . Best of all, our tool is completely free to use and you don't even need to create an account to access it. Plus, it's completely anonymous!

Story Saver

Our story saver tool is also capable of downloading Instagram videos . However, it's important to note that to download a story or highlight from Instagram, it must be viewable to the public. Please ensure that you are following the platform's guidelines when downloading content . Always play by the rules!

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Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

What are Instagram Stories and Highlights?
Instagram offers two features for sharing photos and videos: Stories and Highlights . Both options let you share media that disappears after 24 hours . The main difference is that Highlights are saved to a private album called “Highlights,” while regular stories are saved to a public gallery called “Your Story.”
How to Download Instagram Stories?
Downloading Instagram stories is an excellent way to preserve your memories, share them with loved ones, or ensure that you don’t lose them.

You can download your stories in several ways:

1. Tap the thumbnail for your story (it will be at the top of your feed). Once you select it, you’ll be taken to a screen with an icon on the right top with three dots . Tap it .
2. Select Copy Link, tap the small button on the screen .
3. Copy its URL then open the iGram webpage .
4. Paste the copied URL onto the indicated field on iGram .
5. Tap Download, when you’re done choosing what story you want to download in your download!

Unlimited Downloads with No Restrictions
There are no limitations on how many stories you can download with our Instagram story download service. You can use it as often as you’d like, and it’s completely free. You can download Instagram stories and use them in any way you choose, whether you want to keep the story for yourself or share it with others. You can even print out the image and hang it on your wall!
Download Instagram Stories on Android or iPhone
There are many ways to anonymously download Instagram stories on Android. The most user-friendly option is our website. You can use the Instagram story downloader for free on any popular browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Opera. Download any stories or highlights you like and watch them anonymously on your device later.